Feeding Geese

Posted on Sat, 11 Jan 2014

In a recent meeting of its developers on IRC, members of the GoOSe Project community have proposed a merger with the Ascendos project, where GoOSe will be deprecated in favor of future work on Ascendos to help build and promote an independent Enterprise Linux distribution, free of commercial involvement (alongside plans to possibly create a interoperability/continuation/branding special interest group within the Upstream's Downstream project). See the proposal for more details.

Mixing things up

Posted on Sat, 11 Jan 2014

As you may have noticed, Ascendos is going through some changes. Recent events, including the upcoming release of version 7, along with a rather significant change to another distribution of our kind, are the sparks that are re-kindling our theoretical fire. Join us on the mailing lists and forums and help us dust off everything. Ascendos is powered by you, so we definitely need it.

With your help, we aim to be the best, fully independent distribution of Enterprise Linux possible. Presumably, we might just skip to working on EL7 builds, but if we can get our infrastructure back up and running, we could theoretically get back to our original goal of building EL6. But for now, we set our sights towards the future; we will be charting a new course, and we want you to ride along with us.

Oh yeah, we also got an updated logo and web design too.