What is Ascendos?

Ascendos is a freely distributable re-build of a popular Enterprise Linux (EL) distribution, produced by a prominent North American vendor. The Ascendos Project is run by a consortium of developers representing various other distributions of the operating system. By working together we are reducing the duplication of efforts, and building a more resilient EL community. One more recent goal is to remain independent. We must be able to control our own destiny.

But why do we need another one?

The goal of Ascendos is to produce a distribution as compatible with the upstream product as possible, but with a community that is as open and transparent as possible too. Ascendos will ultimately provide an generic architecture that can be used by others to build their own customized products based off its codebase, a win-win for everyone.

The goals of Ascendos are summarized in our charter: "The community is first, we will be accountable, we will not re-invent wheels, and we will let things happen."

Plans will be made to form an elected board to govern the project as a whole (similar most likely to Debian's structure).

How will Ascendos benefit the EL community?

The Ascedos will benefit the Enterprise Linux community by providing:

  • Timely releases & timely security updates
  • A stable project with formalised community governance
  • The tools to easily for or rebuild EL for your organisation's use. (Currently pre-beta in development) See the Wiki for more information.
  • And unlike another popular EL rebuild, ours is built for the community, by the community.

When will there be a release?

We're not sure. We did have early builds of 6... a long time ago. With 7 coming out soon, we're not sure what's going on (of course, you're free to discuss that; Hint: Join the development mailing list).

For release updates, keep an eye on our development mailing list or follow us on twitter / facebook. We will have a public release announcement soon.

How can I join?

We are actively looking for people looking to contribute. If you are a developer, or a sysadmin, or even a weekend hacker and wish to participate then let us know. We're open and meritocratic, and we welcome anyone who can help.

Jump on the forums, or sign up to the mailling list and introduce yourself!